Replacing Cushion Rubber

Replacing Cushion Rubber Service / Pool Table Repair SOLO® in Tulsa

Tulsa Pool Table Repair can replace cushion rubber on just about any pool table for you. At times it may be necessary due to the age of the rubber, desired quality of rubber or the quality of rubber currently on the table.

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Standard Rail Rubber strips

When buying a pool table, Pool Table Movers SOLO® here in Tulsa advise that also you consider replacing the existing cushions on the pool table rails. The reason for this is that there are many instances where this is not taken into account and we have to schedule a 2nd appointment. This, in turn, ends up in additional fees.

The price is how much the table is, the cost is that in addition to moving and possibly having to replace rubber and cloth so please follow these instructions and save yourself a possible.

You don’t want the added cost of replacing cushion rubber to come as a surprise.

Many think they will buy a pool table for $500.00, move it themselves and start playing by the Friday evening party!  Adding hundreds in moving fees, new rubber and felt can be a big surprise and we want to help you make sure you are not a victim of this by educating you on the pitfalls you can encounter.

How to check if pool table cushion rubber should be replaced

When billiard cushion rubber needs to be replaced it has deteriorated to the point where it has lost it’s “bounce” or “action” and should be replaced with the felt.

Checking the rubber before you buy a pool table is a good idea.  It is an added cost that could be avoided by purchasing a pool table with good rubber and cloth.  In addition, not only do you have to change the rubber, but you have to take care of your pool table refelting as well which doubles the cost of moving the table in most cases.

 Checking the cushion rubber

When rubber is bad it is either very hard like a rock  or mushy like a sponge.  It can feel like crystals also,  you will want to depress the rubber with your fingers and feel the consistency all around the table.

Different types of cushion rubber strips

Don’t just check one rubber, you should check all of the rubbers and it is also possible that only a part of one cushion has gone bad so be thorough when you check the table or you may miss a pending bad rubber incident.

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