Pool Table Installations

Professional Pool Table Installationsin Tulsa

Pool table installations carried out by the Pool Table Repair SOLO® of Tulsa warrants your billiard table with the optimal performance to enjoy the best playing experience. Our skillful pool table movers always use the right tools and apply the proper techniques to make sure of this.

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pool table felt material provided during service. To specify, if any rips, tears or manufacturer defects show up on the cloth within 12 months of service, we will return and fix or replace the felt at completely no charge.

Pricing Your Pool Table Setup Service

pool table room dimensions guide. This help guide contains the proper game room measurements for each individual table.

Check our handy and simple billiard room dimension page for pool tables and see what size your pool table is.

  • New pool table installations, table delivered to your home
  • Used setup of table currently in the room or on location
  • Pool table removal from storage and installation in the home
  • If a pool table has been shipped and slates were crated but moved by a professional moving company.

Decades of experience, the best service guarantee in the business and personal attention to the details of your pool table setup.  We are a professional pool table business and go out of our way to respect our clients schedule and needs.

Why is this important to you?  We believe in customer service and experience, we go out of our way to make sure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded not only from the quality of installation of your pool table, but the entire customer experience from your first phone call to the completion and follow up of your job.

Interested in the pool table setup process? How is a pool table assembly really done?

We cover every aspect of pool table moving, repairs and set ups but some people often ask about the process of setting up a pool table.  we’ll briefly describe that process here.

  1. We always start with a disassembled pool table, the first step in the process of installation is starting with attaching the legs to the cabinet or frame of the pool table and leveling this in the place that it will be setup.
  2. Slates are placed on the cabinet of the pool table and leveled individually using precise leveling tools and techniques.  This is the only way to ensure that your pool table setup is done correctly and is a perfect installation.

  3. Seams, defects and screw holes are filled making a flat playing field.
  4. Pool table felt / cloth is attached to the slates.  In the event we are putting new felt on for a refelting service we would strip the old felt from the bumpers.  New cloth is wrapped on the bumpers before dong the final installation of pockets and rails for you.

Should you need to change your cushion rubber we can do that as well with little inconvenience to you.

Only when you use the right tools and equipment, along with the proper experience can your pool table installation be perfect.

Call Tulsa Pool Table Repair for a complete pool table installation done to the highest standards available with the industry only service guarantee offered.

Tulsa Pool Table Repair