Pool Table Room Dimensions

Pool Table Room Dimensions Guide / Tulsa Pool Table Repair

Pool table room dimensions should always be considered as the factor that determines which size of a pool table you can get. If this is your first pool table make sure you have this information handy when you contact our team at Tulsa Pool Table Repair, as this helps in giving you a quick and more exact quote.

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Why you should consider having your pool table room dimensions handy?

replacing the existing pool table felt. But also are very important aspects when taking care of most billiard table services.

If an 8-foot table is expected to be serviced and we encounter a 9-foot table then we may not even have the correct cloth size to finish your job which could also incur additional trip charges.

The following list are the type of services where you definitely need to have your pool table room dimensions and/or pool table sizes handy.

  • Complete pool table move (teardown, relocation and pool table setup)
  • Tear down and move to storage only (this is to know the space we have to negotiate the pieces)
  • Move from storage and professional pool table setup
  • pool table refelting (as explained previously)
  • Replacing the cushion rubber or replacing dead pool table cushions

In other words it’s a really good idea to know the size of the pool table before ordering service.

Getting the right pool table measurements